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intelligent automation for freshdesk and freshchat

We provide smarter self-service for e-commerce
that resolves 40% of your customer inquiries

your customers deserve more

Your customers don't want to read long articles, wait for your email or wait for your agent to join a chat session.

Scaling your support team, maintaining CSAT as volume grows and providing 24/7 is very challenging.

Provide better CX on top of Freshdesk and Freshchat

We instantly resolve the most common questions on your Contact Form, e-mail or FAQ page

  • Accurate AI

    Serve the exact sentence that contains the answer from your FAQ, not just the full post

  • End-to-end resolution

    Complete most common interactions (e.g. Where Is My Order) without agent assistance

  • Easy to connect

    Minimal effort required from your team: 2 lines of code.

  • Maintain your workflow

    Keep receiving ticket on Freshdesk or chat in Freshchat in the same way. Just fewer of them!

Ready to use deflection solutions for e-commerce

Seamlessly connect with your e-commerce, 150+ shipping providers or your backend