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intelligent automation and chatbots for kustomer

We automate customer service on Kustomer.

Embrace AI to make your email and chat support easy and effortless for your customers.

your customers deserve more

Scaling your support team, maintaining CSAT as volume grows and providing 24/7 is very challenging.


deflect for kustomer

Deflect is fully integrated with Kustomer to automate simple and repetitive questions on email, chat and messaging apps

Chatbots for Kustomer

Automate conversations on your existing Kustomer Chat, social or email with a chatbot that works

  • Seamless handover

    Transition between chatbots and agents effectively and seamlessly

  • End-to-end resolution

    Complete most common interactions (e.g. Where Is My Order) without agent assistance

  • Easy to configure

    Extract data from your custom objects, integrate with your backend or change the copy with our platform

  • Templated to get started

    Yet customizable: our AI and copywriting teams will take care of your Kustomer bot

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Ticket and Email Resolution

Is your team receiving a lot of volume from email or your contact form? We can help.

  • AI Self-Improvement

  • E-commerce Add-ons

  • No coding required

  • Setup in days

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Integrations with your e-commerce or custom backend

Seamlessly connect with your e-commerce, 150+ shipping providers or your backend