Instant Resolutions with AI

We provide smarter self-service on Kustomer.

Embrace AI to make support easy and effortless for your customers.

your customers deserve more

Scaling your support team, maintaining CSAT as volume grows and providing 24/7 is very challenging.



Deflect takes care of simple and repetitive questions while improving CSAT, 24/7.

Deflect for Kustomer Chat

Automate conversations on your existing Kustomer Chat with a chatbot that works

  • Seamless handover

    Transition between chatbots and agents effectively and seamlessly

  • End-to-end resolution

    Complete most common interactions (e.g. Where Is My Order) without agent assistance

  • Easy to configure

    Extract data from your custom objects, integrate with your backend or change the copy with our platform

  • Templated to get started

    Yet customizable: our AI and copywriting teams will take care of your custom needs

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